Diversion Program

The TASC diversion program is one of the most innovative, comprehensive, and effective substance abuse treatment programs.

The TASC diversion program launched in 1989 in collaboration with justice professionals and local law enforcement agencies. The program continues to build on its success while it achieves an impressive successful completion rate of 75%.

More than 41,500 people have successfully completed the TASC diversion program since its inception. TASC diversion programs may be appropriate for individuals who:

  1. Face felony drug possession charge(s)
  2. Do NOT contest their guilt
  3. Would likely benefit from a treatment program

Qualifying individuals who voluntarily participate and successfully complete the TASC diversion program will either have their case dropped with no charges filed or have the charges dismissed with prejudice.

“Win-Win” Solutions

The TASC diversion program is often referred to as a “win-win” because of its evidence-based curriculum and significant community benefits:

  • Participants avoid a felony conviction
  • Provides a first-time treatment experience for many individuals
  • Tailored to meet individual needs
  • Low rate of recidivism among participants compared to non-participants
    (National Institute of Justice Study with Arizona State University)
  • Sustained by client fees
  • Alternative to prosecution
  • Saves resources

“Thank you for helping me…I was out of control and could have died.”

~ E.H., Phoenix

TASC cares. Every day we help save lives and appreciate hearing from our clients.


TASC is honored to have its diversion program recognized by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the National Adult Protective Services Administration.

  • Possession of Marijuana Program
    • If you are charged with possession of marijuana, TASC offers a diversion specific program. Services are individualized and the maximum program length is six months. Treatment includes drug screening, education, and counseling.

      Three-Hour Drug Education Seminar

      Clients are required to attend one (1) drug education seminar.

      Substance Abuse Counseling

      If a client tests positive for new marijuana use or tests positive for any other illegal substance including prescription drugs that do not have a valid prescription, the client is referred for substance abuse counseling assessment. Based on the assessment, an individualized plan is developed and client specific treatment provided.

  • Possession of Narcotic or Dangerous Drugs Program
    • Individuals enrolled in the Possession of Narcotic or Dangerous Drugs program participate for a minimum of one year and have monthly contact with TASC case managers. This program includes screening, education, counseling, and self-help meetings.

      Three-Hour Drug Education Seminar

      Clients are required to attend one (1) drug education seminar.

      Substance Abuse Counseling

      Clients are referred for substance abuse counseling assessment and services such as group or individual counseling sessions while in the program. All clients must successfully complete substance abuse counseling.

      Self-Help/Support Group Meetings

      Clients must attend “12-Step Program” meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), or a similar organization. Meetings are held seven days a week and are free to attend. Clients are not restricted to certain meetings. For example, if the client has a cocaine/narcotics charge, they do not have to attend NA, and are encouraged to try different meeting options until they are comfortable. TASC recommends clients obtain a sponsor for additional support as needed.

      Monthly Contact

      Every person who enters the diversion program is assigned a TASC case manager. Throughout the duration of the program, clients are required to maintain monthly contact with case managers to discuss meeting program requirements. Depending on the client’s progress and his or her proximity to the assigned case manager, phone or email communication may be acceptable options.

      In addition to monitoring and tracking client involvement, the TASC case manager is available to help as a source of support and provides community referrals as needed.

  • Misdemeanor Adult Diversion Program
    • The misdemeanor TASC diversion program is an alternative to prosecution offered through the Justice Courts. The program is offered for minor offenses to individuals who have:

      1. No prior felony conviction at any time and no misdemeanor convictions within the past five years
      2. An offense that did not involve any physical contact with the victim and did not result in any physical injury to any person
      3. A charge that does not involve a motor vehicle moving violation

      Participants attend a one-day education seminar utilizing an evidence-based interactive curriculum.

  • Testimonials
    • TASC staff work to save lives every day. We appreciate the feedback from our clients.

      “I feel like I have a clean slate to start on. I just want to say I appreciate you. If I didn’t have TASC I truly believe I would be in a bad place in my life. I am learning the tools and resources to help me stay clean after I complete this program. It’s been an emotional journey for me so far. Thanks again for everything. I won’t let you or myself down.”
      ~ Diversion Program Client, AZ

      “I want to extend a sincere “thank you” for all you did to help my daughter, Emily, fulfill her court requirements. You had to go over and above your normal job duties to help her complete things in California. I really appreciate your help. This has been an odd place to find myself as a parent of a 19 year old who is making her own decisions. You made the process much easier for us all.”
      ~ Julie, Phoenix, AZ

      “Today I have a debt of gratitude for the employees at T.A.S.C. and I wouldn’t be the strong independent woman I am. I started at ground zero and rebuilt my entire self just so I could look in the mirror again. It took every bit of the eighteen months and every person involved along the way. It was mine and only my journey but my desperation was as great as my appreciation for all the people I’ve crossed paths with along the way.”
      ~ Diversion Program Client, AZ

      “Recovery has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol and at T.A.S.C. I found professionals that know this. It’s with tears in my eyes that I close this letter of appreciation for the staff at T.A.S.C. that helped save my life. Truthfully I don’t think they even know how much they are involved in saving lives every day.”
      ~ Lisa, Yuma, AZ

      “This program has changed my life, I will never go back to the person I was before.”
      ~ Keri, Glendale, AZ

      “Five days ago I celebrated 30 days sober. Thank you and TASC for giving me a life now. It is so different now for me. I can feel my strength in me and peace.”
      ~ Paul, CA

      “TASC didn’t happen to me, it happened for me. Thank you for not putting me in a position to have a scar on my life. Thank you for teaching me how to heal.”
      ~ Diversion Program Client

  • Forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions / Contact
    • The most frequently asked questions about the TASC diversion program appear below. If you still require assistance, we are here to help. Contact information is provided below. If you email us, TASC staff will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours

      Scheduling and Communication

      I received a letter from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, what do I do?

      Email TASC diversion program staff before the enrollment date on your letter or call 602-254-7328, ext. 127.

      How may I schedule or reschedule my orientation date?

      Email TASC diversion program staff or call 602-254-7328, ext. 127.

      How may I contact my case manager?

      Please email TASC diversion staff.

      When should I contact my case manager?

      You should contact your case manager immediately if the following occurs:

      • You miss a test.
      • You are placed on a prescription; provide copies of all prescriptions to your case manager.
      • You have police contact.
      • You need to travel out of town.
      • You forgot the date and time of your drug education seminar.
      • A charge is filed or you learn of a past charge.


      May I take over-the-counter medications?

      Medications containing alcohol are not allowed while enrolled in a TASC diversion program. Also, TASC staff recommend you avoid supplements containing Dimethylamine.

      Where are self-help meetings held?

      Online searches will help you locate Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), or a similar organization.
      Additionally, all TASC offices have self-help meeting lists available.

      I am already attending counseling services. Does this satisfy TASC program requirements?

      Please provide verification of counseling services to your case manager to determine if it satisfies TASC program requirements.

      May I enter the TASC diversion program to complete requirements of another drug court program?

      TASC staff can discuss and make arrangements with your referring agent (e.g. probation officer, case manager, court). Please contact the TASC diversion program manager at 602-254-7328 ext. 120 for more information.

      How may I obtain my paperwork after I complete TASC?

      Please email us.


      What form of payment does TASC accept?

      TASC offices accept money orders and debit cards requiring a PIN transaction. TASC does not accept cash or credit cards.

      Where do I mail a payment?

      If you are mailing a payment, please contact your case manager for the mailing address. Please make certain to clearly and completely fill out the money order prior to mailing.

      How much will my test cost?

      Please contact your case manager for your testing price.

      How much is my monthly payment?

      Please contact your case manager for your monthly payment amount.

      Who should I contact if I do not have the money to pay for my program?

      TASC will assist with financial obstacles whenever possible. If you have not yet started the program, please call 602-254-7328, ext. 127 to discuss fees.

      If needed, you may apply for a fee reduction by completing a “Financial Information Form” and providing proof of income documentation including two recent paycheck stubs, bank statement, assistance award letters, and any other documents that support the need for a fee reduction. To apply, please contact your case manager.


      I do not live in Maricopa County or Arizona. What options are available for me?

      Out-of-area and out-of-state options are available as long as you meet all of the TASC diversion program requirements. Please discuss with your TASC case manager at 602-254-7328, ext. 127.

      I need to move out of state. What options are available for me?

      Prior to moving, please contact your TASC case manager at 602-254-7328, ext. 127 to discuss available options.

      Still Have Questions?

      Please email us. We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.